Horde Installation

Horde is an open source browser based collaboration suite. By using this suit, users can manage and share tasks, contacts, calendars, notes with standard components.
For the horde installation, just follow the steps below :

1) Install apache,php and mysql

2) Dowload the horde packages from

3) Place the tarball in /var/www/html/ (recommended to create a directory

4) Extract the tarball using tar -xvzf horde-webmail-x.x.x.tar.gz and rename
the extracted horde-webmail-x.x.x. to horde.

5) Run the ./scripts/setup.php

6) Create a database for Horde webmail
mysql > create database horde;
mysql > grant all on accounts.* to horde@localhost identified by

7) Install dependencies using "pear install"

For your information PEAR (Php Extension & Application Repository) is a
structured library for php and a system for code distribution.

Required dependencies :
- php-xml
- expat
- gettext
- php-imap
- php-gd
- php-pear
- php-pecl-fileinfo
- php-pear-memcache
- php-mbstring
- php-mysql

8) In a web browser go to yoursite/horde/test.php and look at the summary of
your installation.