Bluetooth on Ubuntu

Bluetooth Settings in Ubuntu

1) apt-get install bluez-utils
2) /etc/init.d/bluez-utils or bluetooth start | stop | restart

3) Verify that the bluetooth is detected by ubuntu using the command lsusb or hcitool dev
4) To search for other bluetooth devices, use the command
hcitool scan

5) To connect to a particular detected device, use the command
hidd --connect aa:bb:cc:dd:ee:ff

Sending files to a Ubuntu PC

1) Select Applications > Accessories > Bluetooth File Sharing
(Nothing will appear except an icon on the notification area)
2) Access the file on the device and send via bluetooth and it will locate the Pc's device.
3) When the file transfer is initiated, a prompt will appear on your desktop for acceptance.Click Ok.Now the file is saved on your directory.

Sending files from an Ubuntu Pc to Other Devices

1) Right Click on the desktop to create launcher
2) In the Name field, type bluetooth
3) In the command field, type gnome-obex-send
4) You also can choose an appropriate icon for the launcher
5) Drag and drop a file in the launcher
6) Choose the device where you prefer to send the file and Click Ok
7) The file is transferring now !!!