Thumbnails display error in Gallery2

Hi guyz,

Recently i encountered a problem in Gallery2 (2.2.4) where i couldn't add items in album as it will only display a broken signage. I have tried few methods based on the forum but it was helpless. The only solution that works is upgrade the current gallery-2.2.4 to gallery-2.3

How to upgrade gallery2 ?

1) Get the latest gallery2 [click here] and choose a package. There will be 4 packages and download the one your prefer:-

Typical - The base application, 8 themes and a selection of popular modules. Enough to satisfy the demands of most Gallery users.

Full - The base application, 9 themes and 70 modules. Every cool feature we've got.

Minimal - The base application, 2 themes and 3 graphics toolkits. Everything you need to publish photos, and nothing more.

Developer - Same as the full package, except it includes all the developer tools so that you can work on improving the code.

2) Extract it in your existing gallery2 directory.

3) Go to browser and point to your gallery2/upgrade

4) Follow the instructions.

Since the database backup process is time consuming, its recommended to use manual method.Just dump your database to any directory.

For example:
mysqldump -uJohn -p "database" > gallery.sql

For more details, just visit Gallery2