Captcha - SecurityImages in Joomla

My head was spinning thinking of the way to implement securityimages in Joomla 1.5.9. Each time i try to install, i face a lot of difficulties especially with the permission of certain files. Finally i did it with my own way although i know it is not advicable.

Packages used :

* Joomla 1.5.9
* SecurityImages 5.1.1
* Patches of securityimages for joomla 1.5.9

Steps involved :

1) Change all the permission and ownership of the directory. Give full permission. For example : chmod -R 777 myjoomla/
(In order to enable plugin installation)

2) Install the plugin from your joomla administrator's interface.
(Extension > Install/Uninstall), browse the module and upload it.

3) Apply the patches (unzip the patches in your directory)

4) Reassign the full permission as in step 1
(In order to enable modules and plugins work smoothly)

5) Securityimages settings can be done in your administator's interface.

6) Choose your plugin type and proper version as in /administrator/components/com_securityimages/pluginsA/x.x

Finally, harden your joomla portal with proper permission and ownership.

a) Create a no-login user and assign the ownership to your portal directory.

b) Apply 755 to the ./ and ../ directory with root ownership

c) Apply 655 to the configuration.php,index.php,components,administrator, images and libraries.

d) Apply 555 to logs,media,plugin,templates and modules

e) Apply 400 to the rest of the files and directories.

Please advice me for the proper way of installing securityimages in Joomla...Thanks


looks very icky!
i think after applying joomla patches, just have to make sure file permission for that patches is ok.
these steps should be followed cautiously by ppl who's already familiar with linux chmod only