Facebook chat plugin in Pidgin

Pidgin (formerly named Gaim) is a multi-platform instant messaging client, based on a library named libpurple.It supports multiple chat protocols such as AIM, GoogleTalk, MSN, YM, ICQ, IRC and so on.Recently i discovered it too supports Facebook chat. To enable it, one should just install the facebook chat plugin in pidgin ("pidgin-facebookchat"). Once installation done, the machine need to be restarted.

For example, those using Ubuntu/Kubuntu :-

1)sudo apt-get install pidgin-facebookchat

2)Reboot your machine (Optional)

3)Open your pidgin and add your facebook account.To do it got to Accounts > Manage Accounts > Add > Choose the protocol as Facebook (In the drop down menu) and fill up the login options.

Now you can enjoy the feature.

For Ubuntu/Kubuntu users, you also can add the Facebook WebApp for Prism(XULRunner browser for web applications) by installing prism-facebook . Once done you can start your facebook from your desktop.Its really cool..