Shorcuts for KSnapshot

Im using Kubuntu 9.04. I had a problem in launching KSnapshot using keyboard shortcuts. Ive tried ctrl + print, alt + print, ctrl + alt + print but nothing works. Based on the system settings, my global printscreen action was assigned to "print". You can view this at System Settings > Keyboard & Mouse > Global Keyboard Shortcuts > khotkeys > Printscreen.
Since i still couldn't launch my KSnapshot, i assigned a new global shortcut at the Input actions. This can be done at System Settings > Keyboard & Mouse > Input Actions

How to assign a shortcut in Input Actions?
1) Right click on the KMenuEdit and choose New Global Shortcut > KMenu entry.
2) Assign a name/term, trigger the shortcut (Print) and set the action (ksnapshot -caption "%c").

For example :

It works...


Thanks, I was tired of opening ksnapshot with alt+f2 everytime I need an screenshot on kubuntu 9.04. This used to work right after install on previous versions, I do not know why it changed... :-|

Francisco Marzoa