Start page for Thunderbird-3.0

Recently, i upgraded my Thunderbird 2.0 to Thunderbird 3.0 (Shredder). Ive loaded my existing profiles and mails but i encountered an error when the Thunderbird starts. It shows "The requested URL /thunderbird-3.0/start was not found on this server". So i tested new Thunderbird-3.0 installation on different machine and still having the same problem. It seems that , the link given by default is broken. So ive replaced the link to
The link can be pointed to any URL but the default Thunderbird 3.0 start page should be pointed to the above mentioned. To change the link, just go to Edit > Preferences > Change the url on the Shredder Start Page location. Now restart your Thunderbird.


Thanks man, just what I wanted to know.


Awesome!! Big help. Thanks a lot :)

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Worked for me. Thanks!

It works. Thanks a lot.